Harden Primary School
Tel: 01535 273847
Email: parents@hardenprimaryacademy.co.uk
Head of School: Mrs Leanne Ruddock
Executive Headteacher: Mrs Kirsty Hutchinson
Chair of Local Advisory Board: Jenni Mayo
Chief Executive Officer: Duncan Jacques CBE & NLE
Thank you for looking at our school website. If you have any queries, please contact our School Office. Tel- 01535 273847.

Welcome To Harden Primary School

I am delighted to welcome you to our website which provides a range of information about the school, I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Working in partnership with you, we aim to make Harden Primary School a centre of excellence for our community and children. We will ensure that there will be many opportunities for you to share in the educational progress of your child and the staff are always pleased to make arrangements to discuss any aspect of your child’s development. It is our priority that every child feels safe, happy, respected, cared for, and has a sense of belonging.

We aim to make each child’s Primary school days exciting and rewarding so that they look forward to each new school day, and build a love of learning and discovery that will last all their lives.

I am very proud to be Executive Headteacher of Harden Primary School and would urge you to come and visit so that you can experience our friendly and welcoming school. We hope that all children will have a great deal of fun in their years with us, and that Harden Primary School will be as special to them as it is to us.

Mrs Kirsty Hutchinson

Executive Headteacher


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