School Eco Council

Eco Schools Committee


Who We Are

We are the mighty Eco Committee and our job is to help the planet by spreading awareness of environmental issues and doing our best to lead change.

Eco Group If you are interested about being an Eco Warrior for next year, or just want to find out what we do, ask any member of the Eco Committee (you’ll see us wearing a snazzy Eco Committee badge) or find our names and faces on the Eco-Board, or alternatively ask Mrs Ruddock.…z/eco-group-5

What We Do

As an Eco-School, we start the year by completing an Environmental Review of the different topics: Biodiversity, Marine, Energy, Litter, Water, Healthy Living, School Grounds, Global Citizenship, Transport and Waste. You can see our Environmental Review on our Eco-Board. We then decide which topics we will want to work on. We have lots of discussion and a vote to make a choice. This year we chose Waste, Litter and Biodiversity.

Our Eco code was written by the children:

We then split into groups to write an action plan and learn about why we monitor changes and evaluate. We decide who will complete the different tasks it takes to make a change. We learn teamwork, how to plan and how to be leaders. This year, our plan has led us to change how we collect waste and reduce litter, live a healthier lifestyle and consider the benefits of walking to school.

Click here to view our current action plan. 


We take part in national campaigns like the Queen’s canopy tree planting project and Litter Pick for Keep Britain Tidy.

We now have an Eco Board in our hall sharing our work and send home a termly newsletter – Click here to view our latest Eco Newsletter.

Make a Difference

  • Share ideas in our fortnightly Eco Commitee meetings help us up to date and gives us the opportunity to feed back to our classes what we have discussed.
  • Speak in school assemblies to promote our Eco Code: reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and repair and tell everyone about global threats.
  • Monitoring of our key topics
  • Write newsletter articles and info for pupils and parents
  • Litter Heroes – join litter picks and monitor littering on Friday playtimes