Parent Evening Booking

Please follow the steps below to book your slot(s)


1). Select your child’s class

2). Then select a time (a pop up box will appear asking you to confirm the date & time)

3). Then complete your details (child’s name, your name, email address )

4). Your slot will then be confirmed to you at the bottom of the page you are on.  

5). To book an appointment for another child, please repeat the process by starting from fresh and clicking on the Parents Evening menu at the top.

*** Please note: You can only book 1 slot at a time.


Parents Evening Booking Form -

Class Year 1 Sarah Bearder, Hannah Moore

Class Year 2 Helen Lofthouse

Class Year 3 Nancy Humphrey

Class Year 4 Kirsty Jamieson

Class Year 5 Harriet Cotton

Class Year 6 Caroline Hall

Class Reception Jessica Roe

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